Jubilee Update!

Our Jubilee Basket theme is "Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown". I am now looking for hotel accommodations, New Orleans themed gifts, museum passes, gift cards to fine dining restaurants in New Orleans such as Emeril's, Commander's Palace, Galatoire's, Deanies, etc. With the Holiday Season upon us, we may be able to take advantage of sales and specials during this time of year to acquire these items. Please let me know if you are able to contribute any of the above items.
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Image result for image thank you
A special "Thank you" to the parents of the following students for donating to our basket!

Kid Biz and First in Math during vacations:

I do not assign either Kid Biz or First in Math during vacations. If students work on these programs over the break, it will count towards the next time I check the weekly requirements. For example, I will check for Kid Biz and First in Math on December 1. Any work that was done between November 17 through November 30 will count towards the December 1 check point. Happy Holidays!

Open House Power Point

The summer math and reading assignments are posted under the "Summer Reading Assignments" tab to the right. ---->

Homework assignments and Test Schedule will be posted under the appropriate month to the right. ---------------------->

JPPSS Grading Policy and Grading Weights
Major Assessments - 50% (minimum of 3 each nine weeks)
Minor Assessments - 30% (minimum of 4 each nine weeks except for the 4th nine weeks)
Participation - 20% (minimum of 5 each nine weeks)

These assignments are only for my classes. Mrs. Dozier (science) and Mrs. Zagaya (social studies) will post their homework assignments on their wikis. The ELA homework posted on my wiki is only for my homeroom. Again, Mrs. Zagaya will post her ELA homework for her own homeroom.